Case Study – Villa Vulliemoz – ASS Architectes, 1979

  • Corsier, Genève
  • The villa stands in relation to its surroundings, following the conformation of the topography with its terraced form and the succession of internal and external staircases. This connection is enhanced by locating a large part of the construction under the street level, thus allowing the building to better integrate into the hilly landscape.
  • The whole pathway through the house is a descent from top to bottom, which flow is underlined by a series of curved walls, in contrast with the more rigorous straight ones, that can be found in the rest of the house.
  • The building is mainly oriented towards the lake and is pulled back from the road, to give more privacy for its inhabitants. Big windows offer a view of the lake below, and many outdoor spaces like the large backyard as well as the walkable roof with staircases allow the family to engage with the surroundings and experience the natural slope of the

People: Gather, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Stand, Talk, Watch

typology: House, Landscape, Terrace, Garden

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Suburb, Urban

Material: Concrete

Contributor: Xiaohan Chen
24 July 2023