Case Study – Villa Théremin – 1804

  • Bernex, Genève
  • The representative rooms of this early nineteenth-century house are dotted with a variety of tiled stoves and fireplaces. Due to the living room's higher level of importance within the building, there is one tiled stove in the back of the home that is shared by two connecting rooms and two perpendicular stoves in the living room.
  • The workers chambers do not need any big heaters due to their considerably lower ceilings compared to those of the representational rooms on the first two levels, which are significantly higher and therefore require more heating.
  • The stoves and fireplaces on each level of the home are connected by a single chimney. Additionally, the majority of the rooms in the house are the same size to improve the effectiveness of the wood-based heating, but threshold areas like the staircase and the kitchen are not heated.

People: Cook, Eat, Gather, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Talk, Watch, Work

typology: Apartment, House

Climate: Heat

Location: Suburb, Town, Village

Material: Plaster, Wood, Stone

Contributor: Sofia Papadopoulos
24 July 2023