Case Study – Maison de Bourgeois – 17XX

  • Chêne Bourg, Genève
  • The bourgeoise house was the most popular type of housing during medieval times in Europe. To further research this house I chose to take a closer look at its staircase and see how the different actors are connected through it.
  • Bourgeois houses were usually built in medieval times for the citizens within a city. However, due to their popularity when cities started to expand beyond the city walls, single bourgeoises houses were placed at important streets.
  • Structurally this typology of house resembles the Haussmann type of buildings in Paris, the difference being the ground floor being used for commerce. This additional floor required a construction that allowed higher buildings, therefore the bourgeois house has up to six floors.

People: Cook, Read, Rest, Sit, Sleep, Study, Talk, Make, Work

typology: Apartment, House

Climate: Heat, Water

Location: Town, Urban, Village, Suburb

Material: Wood, Stone, Plaster

Contributor: Flurina Schulz
24 July 2023