Maison au Chemin des Sellières

  • Aïre, Geneva
  • This project reinterprets and adapts the garden city typology of the 1930s. The original form is extruded to accommodate 4 families of 5 members. The access from the street is no longer privatized but transformed into a meeting place, as well as the gardens, which are shared by the 20 people living in the apartment block.
  • Both areas are connected by the transparency of the building and by the common spaces on the south side of the 4 units, namely a terrace and a library or atelier.
  • The entire building is made of a load-bearing steel structure, which is filled with slabs and panels in order to divide the volume into 4 dwellings with a reduced amount of materials. The roof, mainly composed of solar panels, is the starting point for the collection of rainwater, that is subsequently used for the vegetable garden.

Contributor: Linda Arnaboldi
25 July 2023