House Behaviorology in Switzerland in Ticino – Mid Review 2 – Wednesday 15.11.2023

We are really happy to invite you for our

Second mid review of our design studio

House Behaviorology in Switzerland in Ticino HS23.


To find the character and essence of today’s house design in Ticino, we started the semester by analyzing the existing single-family houses around the canton. Through an actor-network drawing, students have researched and mapped how these basic housing units relate to the users, the historical context and to their surroundings. This work has generated a chronologic sample of the evolution of the villa in the Canton of Ticino.

Enriched by the study of this heritage, Students are now imagining new ways of living in Ticino. In Lugano, they have rethought and expanded the single-family house into a housing complex for 20 people. In this context, now can we rethink this already densely populated territory, where the complex topography offers little free space around the cities, in order to design a new way of living together rather than individually?


Wednesday, 15.11.2023

Poster session time: 10:00 – 16:00

Discussion time : 16:00 –

Location: ONA G25 – Neunbrunnenstrasse 50 8093 Zürich


Nicola Baserga, Federico Bertagna, Federica Colombo, Fabio Gramazio, Ludovica Molo, Nicola Navone, Rina Rolli

Format: Poster session + Discussion



Nov. 07, 2023