House Behaviorology in Switzerland in Geneva – Mid Review 2 – Wednesday 16.10.2022

2nd Mid Review of our design studio House Behaviorology in Switzerland in Geneva HS22.


To find the character and essence of today’s house design in Geneva, we started with analyzing 33 existing single-family houses in and around the city. We researched and mapped how these basic units of housing relate to the users, to each other and to their surroundings. What kind of purposes do they fulfill and what kind of activities and behaviors do these houses enable?

By understanding a building, a house not as an isolated object but as a node in a vast and far reaching network, or several networks, we grow conscious of the impact, which our design has, not only on the specific plot, but on the neighbors, the city, the environment, the society. Vice-versa, analyzing and understanding the networks, which have shaped existing buildings, helps us to better understand how and why the design of those buildings came to be.

Enriched by the study of this heritage, Students are now imagining new ways of living in this city. In the Aïre neighborhood where garden cities have developed, they have rethought and expanded the single-family house into a housing complex for 20 people ! In this context, how can we rethink the garden city’s typology in 2022 ? What kind of communal spaces can we reinvent and how can we find new ways of living together ?

Wednesday, 16.10.2022

Poster session time: 10:00 – 17:00

Discussion time : 17:00 – 18:00

Location: ONA G27 – Neunbrunnenstrasse 50 8093 Zürich

With Lukas Ingold, Elli Mosayebi, Ana Afonso Ferreira Soares

Format: Poster session + Discussion

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Nov. 28, 2022