Window Behaviorology in Switzerland
Interview with Mario Botta

Single-family house, Massagno, Switzerland, 1979-1981
© Alo Zanetta

Single-family house, Cadenazzo, Switzerland, 1970-1971
© Maurizio Pelli

Watari-um Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 1985-1990
© Pino Musi

Single-family house, Riva San Vitale, Switzerland, 1971-1973
© Alo Zanetta

Mario Botta, a master architect born in Ticino in the south of Switzerland, still lives and works in the area, practicing architectural design. In the interview, we talked with him about windows, homes, and the city while looking back on a body of work that spans from his early residential projects in Ticino to the Watari-um Museum in Tokyo.

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