Window Behaviorology in Switzerland
Interview with Gigon / Guyer

Detached House for a Doctorʼs Family, Canton Zurich, 1994
© Christian Kerez, Zurich

Housing Development Broëlberg I, Kilchberg, 1996
© Heinrich Helfenstein, gta Archiv / ETH Zurich

Office Building Lagerstrasse House, Europaallee 21, Zurich, 2013
© Stefan Müller, Berlin

Kirchner Museum Davos, 1992
© Heinrich Helfenstein, gta Archiv / ETH Zurich

Since they established their practice in 1989, Gigon / Guyer have expanded their practice from the design of art museums, including the international award-winning Kirchner Museum, to a succession of high-rise buildings that have been completed in recent years, including Prime Tower in Zurich. We visited Gigon / Guyer at their studio in Zurich to explore their process of designing windows and the philosophy that underpins it by looking at their previous projects.

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