Future Learning Spaces
Future Learning Initiative – Informal Learning Spaces

This interdisciplinary project examines the interaction between physical learning spaces and the university students that use those spaces. The project focus is on informal learning spaces across various learning settings. Research questions to be addressed include: What are the characteristics of informal learning spaces and what is good about them? How can the design of learning spaces facilitate active, social, and experiential learning?

"Future Learning Spaces", Ideation workshop, HIL foyer spaces, Sep 2019

“Emergency office”, Working space of a D-ARCH diploma student during lockdown
Axonometry by Chair of Architectural Behaviorology, student assistant Tanguy Caversaccio

Polyterrasse, Main Building, ETH

"Learning Spaces in Pandemic times", students works exhibited at «Confinement», gta Exhibition, HIL.
Photo Nelly Rodriguez

«Funnels of Knowledge», by Aude Sahli & Maxime Évéquoz

Chair of Architectural Behaviorology, Prof. Momoyo Kaijima. Researcher Grégoire Farquet
Chair of Cognitive Science, Prof. Christoph Hölscher. Researcher Dr. Beatrix Emo

The project is led by the Chair of Cognitive Science and the Chair of Architectural Behaviorology in collaboration with the following groups at ETH Zurich.
– Chair for Research on Learning and Instruction
– Social Networks Lab
– Product Development Group Zurich
– Prof. Renate Schubert
– Chair of Learning Sciences and Higher Education

Contact: farquet@arch.ethz.ch, emob@ethz.ch

Project Website: www.fls.ethz.ch

Future Learning initiative: www.fli.ethz.ch