Future Learning Spaces
Cress workshop, HIL building

This workshop took place in the Foyer of the gta Exhibitions’ spaces, HIL Building, in September 2019.
The workshop is a 1 week experimental activation of a transition space into creative learning spaces in a 1:1 collective design production. An interdisciplinary group of students from ETH conceptualize, design and produce 1:1 installations, in a collaborative process, using resources at their disposal like left over materials of gta Exhibitions’ storage room, green, sound, air and light, keeping the budget for such transformation very low, and supporting an open process of transformation.

Future Learning Spaces, Cress workshop, HIL building, IEA, D-ARCH, September 2019

Prof. Momoyo Kaijima

Assistant : Christoph Danuser, Beatrix Emo, Grégoire Farquet.

Students : Oliver Brunhart, Kexin Cheng, Tobia de Eccher, Elaheh Iranmanesh, Nina Michaela Litsios, Michaela Ullmann, Aki Yuma.

Material from gta Exhibitions’ storage, ETH Mensas