• Museum Lindwurm, Stein am Rhein, SH, CH
  • A bay window, called "Erker," window typology mainly seeing in northern Switzerland.
  • The house Lindwurm dates from the Middle Ages. Lindwurm is an old word for “Drachen”, “Dragon”. 1819/20 The façade is built in the modern Empire style. Its owner at that time was Johann Conrad Arbenz, the richest citizen of Stein. The Erker (bay window) is found in a lot of builings in this city.
  • It is situated on the first floor, in the private living room of the family. The Erker was not only a symbol of status, it allowed as well the look over the street, the life of the city. Thanks to curtains different levels of privacy were possible for the inhabitants.

People: Eat, Gather, Read, See, Sit, Talk

typology: House, Museum

Climate: Light, Wind

Location: Urban

Material: Stone, Concrete, Glass, Wood

Era: 1800s

Contributor: Lena Stamm
17 April 2018