Case Study – Filter House – Comte/Meuwly, 2022

  • Vernier, Genève
  • The Filter House is characterized by its large window front, which is rea- lized through the use of plants and the intervention of the resident himself. Tendril plants climb up wire ropes in front of the glass front, reducing the amount of light entering the house and thus preventing overheating in the summer.
  • Since the climbing plants lose their leaves in winter, more sunlight comes in through the windows and heat can be gained - but if it gets too warm, the occupant can protect himself from the incidence of light with an outer curtain.
  • Thus, the external climate and the inhabitants themselves are the responsible of the internal climate and comfort. Potted plants inside and the climbing plants attached to the house create a smooth transition between the dense vegetation and the house itself - this boundary is therefore determined mainly by the course of nature.

People: Cook, Eat, Read, Rest, Sit, Sleep, Talk, Watch, Work

typology: Garden, House, Landscape, Nature

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Suburb, Urban

Material: Steel, Concrete, Glass, Metal

Contributor: Angelo Domeisen
24 July 2023