Big glazing

  • Rosswald-Saflisch, CH
  • Trigon Holiday House, designed by Heidi und Peter Wenger
  • A small house almost perfectly integrated into the landscape but impressive by its individual solutions for the openings. One side is completely closed by a triangular shutter. When lowered down it is creating a balcony. The glazing has also triangular shapes.
  • The three lower part windows can be opend in a turning wing manner. The fact was that related to the extension of the lowered down shutter-balcony a kind of pre-zone is created whereby a sunken floor table situation can be created without generating any feeling of falling out.

People: See

typology: House

Climate: Light

Location: Mountain

Material: Wood, Glass

Era: 1950s, 1970s

Contributor: Andrea Giger
02 April 2018