Case Study – Maison de Maître – 1777

  • Petit-Saconnex, Genève
  • The roof, which is a walm roof with some rustications and a lot of chimneys is typical for this area by that time. The chimneys are symmetrical and made out of bricks. Furthermore, the energetic function is coming from the chimneys located all over the house powered with wood.
  • During the renovation in 1988 and 1991 the new heating system was installed on the garden level and spread out over all levels thanks to radiators and many pipelines, which allow a central distribution of the heat.
  • Even though both heating systems are from two time periods and have the same function, they differ in their visibility and their invisibility. From the outside only the old chimneys, which visible what is used as decoration today, whereas the modern functional gas heating is only visible from the inside.

People: Cook, Eat, Gather, Listen, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Stand, Talk

typology: Apartment, House

Climate: Heat

Location: Suburb, Town, Village

Material: Wood, Stone, Plaster

Contributor: Tabea Brochier
24 July 2023