Little Town

  • Aïre, Geneva
  • The goal in my project was to build an open space house, similar to my case study house, Villa Pointe a la Bise. This open space required a structure and scheme which I was able to achieve with different floor heights and the room sequences.
  • The floor heights are defined by the interior activities, keeping the heart of the inhabitants always on the same level. Also, the floor height and sequences generate a circulation and flow throughout the townhouse, they can be understood as privacy designations.
  • The squared rooms in the Villa Pointe a la Bise inspired the room sizes and shapes the so-called little town. Also the single roofs for each room create an impression of a little town from a far. After entering, the feeling of the little town is enhanced: offering sitting, talking, playing, gardening as well as washing places for the inhabitants.

Contributor: Dilara Baysal
25 July 2023