• Aïre, Geneva
  • My Building consist of 6 one story buildings. They are all stacked together like a stair. On every level there are 2 apartments, however only the highest of them is visible from the street. The buildings are open on the two sides facing the river and closed on the other two sides, which face the street or are buried.
  • In between the buildings there are public spaces: two terraces on the top and middle and a garden at the bottom. This space is closed off by a narrow entrance between the two upper buildings.
  • All apartments have their own garden, but these gardens aren’t fenced. To avoid too much unwanted attention the apartments are arranged in a way where the most private rooms are furthest away from the central stairs.

People: Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Talk, Watch

typology: Apartment, House, Terrace, Garden

Climate: Light

Location: Urban, Hill, Suburb

Material: Concrete

Contributor: Jonathan Titschack
25 July 2023