Village Rivière

  • Aïre, Geneva
  • The “river” in the middle of the complex generates a unique, green space that not only has different levels, but also different usage possibilities. One can decide for themselves how to create their own front yard space. The entrance spaces turn out to be very versatile and force the inhabitants to appropriate their entry space.
  • Although there is a visible downwards motion in The River, which gets broken up by the green separating-elements connected to the house, there is a counter-movement of horizontality in the houses themselves. This perpendicular movement leads the residents into a their own privacy, which however remains connected to the outside through slim windows.
  • There is a big common space with a common kitchen to cook, relax and enjoy time together as well as a working area, which can be used by the residents to escape their everyday working spaces at home.

Contributor: Kevin Keskin
25 July 2023