Terrace Hill

  • Aïre, Geneva
  • My proposal for the site are apartments embedded into the hillside to create a terraced slope. The goal was to build as much outdoor space as possible in order to offer the target group - young professionals - spaces to relax and recharge.
  • There are two apartment typologies. The single person apartment and the couples apartment. Both have adjustable indoor and outdoor spaces, which can be altered according to weather and mood. The apartments have large sliding window fronts to allow this flexible arrangement of the living space.
  • The apartments are built up in a way to allow a subtle flow from public to private: starting with the communal terraces transitioning to the private ones, supported visibly by a change in ground materiality, moving on to the living room that can be opened up or kept closed, finally ending in the most private spaces, the bedroom and the bathroom.

Contributor: Zoe Hugi
25 July 2023