Ensemble Ruf

  • Aïre, Geneva
  • The goal of Ensemble Ruf is to promote a communal way of living and connect people at different stages of life. Singles, couples, elderly people and families all share their daily lives. Ensemble Ruf is based on elements of Villa Ruf, my case study house, and Immeuble Clarté. It consists of two buildings shifted by one floor.
  • Their placement creates three different situations on the plot, which merge into one another and create a flow. The patio and balconies contribute to this fluid movement between outside and inside. The exterior continues inside the house with the gallery, the spiral staircases, the common spaces, the sliding doors and up until the sliding windows.
  • Through this flowing movement in the Ruf Ensemble, a communal form of living is achieved. In that sense, the residents move in this spectrum from private to public without having to clearly decide for one or the other, this makes the intermixing of generations possible.

Contributor: Lydia Gugger
08 February 2023