Furniture – Sound of Meditation

  • Markuskirche, Seebach
  • Our installation transforms a semi-enclosed zone of biodiversity at the “Markuskirche Süd” into a meditation space enriched by the sound of water and the chirping of birds.
  • There are two separated parts: A bird bath, which creates a welcoming atmosphere for birds by the constant sound of sparkling water, and a pathway leading to the meditation seat.
  • By crossing the existing wall that acts as a threshold, the user starts the meditational journey and follows the pathway leading to a platform with a seating opportunity. Due to the realisation in transparently glazed timber, the construction is complementing the natural flair and forms a coherent appearance on site.

People: Gather, Listen, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Watch

typology: Furniture

Climate: Light, Water

Location: Suburb, Town

Material: Wood

Contributors: Kornelia Fehnle , Iris Keller, Anaëlle Laurence Lise Marie Le Mintier de Léhélec, Yufei Li, Antonia Melber, Esad Mujanovic, Deepthi Maria Puthenpurackal, Alessandro Tempini
18 July 2023