Furniture – The NetWork Game

  • Stadtgeiss, Seebach
  • The NetWork is a series of facing structures designed to bring people together in a fun way. To achieve this, it combines seating with a fun, easy-to-understand game.
  • It is placed in public spaces and playgrounds and is designed for all generations and ages - children, parents, teens and adults alike. Since there are different sized Goals in the seating, a goal can be scored and points won by playing opposite each other.
  • A third chair complements the other two structures and invites you to play along or linger.

People: Gather, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Talk, Watch, Play

typology: Furniture

Climate: Light, Others

Location: Town, Urban

Material: Wood, Textile

Contributors: Aparna Lakshmy , David Müller, Sofia Papadopulos, Joel Springfeld, Lucas Tanner, Florian Weinke
18 July 2023