Furniture – Fliegestuhl

  • Spielplatz 195, Oerlikon
  • Our project aims to solve the posed requirements by introducing a height adjustable hammock, suspended from cables in a wooden frame, which simultaneously serves as protection by providing shelter against the elements.
  • We introduce our design as a means of putting the fragmented elements of the playground in relation and connecting them. The cables are both suspending the hammocks and stabilising the frame‚Äôs structure, which itself is angled to tackle a variety of different load-cases while helping to relate to different parts of the playground.
  • By further using the movable sunroof as a partial visual barrier, people can encompass themselves in a cocoon and find tranquillity while accompanying their children.

People: Gather, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Talk, Watch, Play

typology: Furniture

Climate: Others, Heat

Location: Urban, Town

Material: Metal, Wood

Contributors: Albert Hatt , Yannis Himgartner, Andri Heini, Carolyn Isenegger, David Kaiser, Lukas Kauz, Pietro Spada, Anina Wechsler
18 July 2023