Public Drawing – GZ Buchegg

  • Bucheggplatz, Z├╝rich
  • The Buchegg community center is located between two major traffic axes near the Bucheggplatz junction. Higher residential buildings and dense planting from a ring around the park protecting it from the roads and creating a family recreation area for the local neighborhood.
  • The GZ Buchegg mainly offers activities for children and young people, as well as their parents. These activities are divided into organized ones, near the center building and animal enclosure and independent ones, on the playground and in the woods.
  • The community center was built in 1958 during the construction of the settlement Grebelackerstrasse as its inner courtyard and was completely renewed in 2014.

Contributors: Leandro Dietz , Leandro Dietz, David Kaiser, Pietro Spada, Timon Zyssig
18 July 2023