Public Drawing – GZ Buchegg

  • Bucheggplatz, Zürich
  • The GZ Buchegg is a green public space, within one of the busiest traffic junctions of Zurich, that offers, carious activities for many different groups of individuals. The most represented demographic group are children and their caretakers.
  • Throughout the day, the people and the activities don’t really change; diversity happens throughout the whole year, when in winter, a football pitch transforms into a home for snowmen and the hill turns into a hotspot for sledge racing.
  • Aside from families, there are a lot of adults who go to the park for sports, such as jogging, cycling boggia or to stroll around, whilst others just use it to get to the transport hub Bucheggplatz.

Contributors: Timothy Furrer , Anna Hahn-Woernle, José Häni, Jonas Pfeffer
17 July 2023