Public Drawing – Käferberg

  • Hönggerberg, Zürich
  • The forested area of Käferberg is enjoyed all year around by a multitude of individuals and groups due to its close proximity to the city.
  • Visitors of Käferberg make use of the numerous trails for walking, hiking, dog walking and occasionally for bird spotting. Not only is there a 1.5 trail, but there are also posts set up for instruction on stretching and balance. There are a plethora of tables and fire pits set up; the majority of which are located in the central public.
  • Straddling the border between the forest and the city lies a field of allotments, overlooked by a path and benches along the hillside, which enjoy a panoramic view over the city and towards the lake of Zurich.

People: Eat, Exercise, Gather, Listen, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Stand, Talk, Walk, Watch, Make, Play

typology: Nature, Landscape

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Forest, Hill, Suburb, Urban

Material: Stone, Wood

Contributors: Abigail Connolly , Arianna Lurati, Gino Sandi
18 July 2023