Public Drawing – Käferberg

  • Hönggerberg, Zürich
  • The viewpoint Käferberg is located in Kreis 6 between Zürich City and Oerlikon/Seebach. The city of Zürich owns most parts of the forest with over 60%, the rest is shared by the canton, private individuals, and timber corporations.
  • As the forest takes up to a quarter of the total city area, the forest functions as natural habitat for many animals and plants, as well as a recreational and adventure area for the population and provides raw materials and fulfills important protective functions.
  • The site offers a Vita parcour, a running track, a hut used as storage by the kindergarten, multiple barbecue places, seating accommodations with and without tables, nearby bins and fountains as well as several wood storage piles.

People: Eat, Exercise, Gather, Listen, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Stand, Talk, Walk, Watch, Make, Play

typology: Nature, Landscape

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Forest, Hill, Suburb, Urban

Material: Stone, Wood

Contributors: Carolyn Isenegger , Aparna Lakshmy, Sofia Papadopoulos, Anina Wechsler
18 July 2023