Public Drawing – Friedhof Schwandenholz

  • Seebach, Zürich
  • The original graveyard from 1903 was extended once in the 30s and a second time in the 60s, when the three modernist structures – an office and maintenance-complex, a pavilion with a communal grave and a chapel on the top of the sloped compound – were added.
  • The “Friedhof Schwandenholz” seems to contradict itself from a conventional public space by showing a high presence of animals and only few to no people besides grieving relatives, gardeners, and administrative employees. The wide variety of animals takes over the area, leaves marks and traces and interacts with some regular visitors.
  • The center around the new serpentine street feels empty, while all graves and paths are situated along the border, where carefully planted trees and vegetation form quiet enclaves. Although there are different entrances, not all of them are open to the public, thus limiting circulation and further enhancing the peaceful atmosphere.

People: Gather, Rest, See, Sit, Stand, Walk, Watch

typology: Open Space

Climate: Light, Wind

Location: Town, Suburb

Material: Glass, Metal, Wood, Stone

Contributors: Albert Hatt , Andri Heini, Yannis Heimgartner, Lukas Kauz
18 July 2023