Public Drawing – Friedhof Schwandenholz

  • Seebach, Z├╝rich
  • The Schwandenholz cemetery is an oasis of peace, tranquility, and seduction. What makes the Schwandenholz cemetery unique is its vastness arising from big open spaces, meadows, and park landscapes.
  • The calm, safe space draws people close to enjoy various outdoor activities, meet up or just to catch some fresh air by the fields around the cemetery grounds. Sitting on top the hill, the abdication hall and chapel complex act as the center piece of the cemetery grounds as well as the final destination of the funeral procession.
  • The cemetery impresses with well-tended grave fields, nicely laid out family graves, as well as other features, such as areas reserved for mass burial sites in case of an emergency.

People: Gather, Rest, See, Sit, Stand, Walk, Watch

typology: Open Space

Climate: Light, Wind

Location: Suburb, Town

Material: Glass, Metal, Wood, Stone

Contributors: Joel Springfeld , Gion Von Albertini, Florian Weinke
18 July 2023