Public Drawing – GZ Seebach

  • Seebach, Zürich
  • Even though the GZ Seebach offers a diverse program, it is mainly a place where people walk or jog by and is rarely used as a permanent recreational area at least in the colder seasons. The main user groups are residents and especially their children, who live in a radius of about 10 minutes walking distance of the GZ.
  • This public space brings people together by hosting many interactive moments such as a café, a book exchange point, a children’s theater, creative classes, sports, a playground and much more. Very noticeable is that the neighborhood stands in full development, there is a lot of construction going on around the GZ. It is in a state of flux.
  • Although this public space is not overly used at the moment, its importance will grow in the future, because the neighbourhood is getting more popular and its community life is growing.

Contributors: Alessandro Cangemi , Constantin Dirler, Nicolas Staeheli, Lucy Ritschi
18 July 2023