Case Study – House Hürzeler – Peter Märkli, 1997

  • Erlenbach, Zürich
  • The project reacts to the presence of two streets. A modern family house that opens to the lake and a private street with large windows that can be closed from the noisy street.
  • In the facade four walls offer different viewing angles. These walls also create a play of light that offer shade during the day.
  • Sliding windows, corridors that isolate the kitchen from the living room, are key elements that characterise the house and influence the way of behaving in it.

People: Eat, Gather, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Study, Others

typology: House, Garden

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Hill, Suburb, Town

Material: Concrete

Contributor: Kim Soldati
18 July 2023