Case Study – House Baumann Schönenberg – Ernst Gisel, 1970

  • Zürich
  • As the House Baumann is built in a very rural area and has the capacity for only one family, it is a perfect example of urban sprawl.
  • The materiality of the concrete and the modern design in contrast to the traditional, wooden farm houses around it, make the house appear as a foreign body. The river Suhl forms a connection to the city of Zurich as it flows back to the houses’ inhabitants’s origin.
  • The southern light is lighting the living space with direct light, whereas the indirect northern light illuminates the working space, mainly the studio, which has a high ceiling and a large window.

People: Bath, Cook, Eat, Exercise, Gather, Rest, Sleep

typology: House, Garden

Climate: Light, Water

Location: Suburb, Town, Urban

Material: Plaster, Metal, Brick

Contributor: Jonas Pfeffer
18 July 2023