Case Study – Detached House on Zürichberg – Gigon/Guyer, 2011

  • Zürich
  • The house is situated in a suburban context with an amazing view of the city, as well as the Zürich lake and the mountains. It consists of two separate living complexes divided by the Zürichberg’s topography.
  • A calm and peaceful ambient can be found within the house, given by its raw materials, poured concrete and dark oak. Its materiality together with its surroundings, create a link between the outside nature and the inside calmness of the house.
  • This calm atmosphere, as well as flowing rooms are achieved through well-thought-out windows and set-backs that elongate the rooms.

People: Gather, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Study, Talk, Work

typology: House

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Urban

Material: Concrete, Glass

Contributor: Monique Cruz Lopez
18 July 2023