Case Study – Villa Bleuler – 1888

  • Zürich
  • One key aspect, which is important for the building, was the social life of the late 19th century, which is staged like a theatre. Due to the hospitality of Hermann and Emma Bleuler, there had been a vivid life inside the villa.
  • Furthermore, the relationship of the Italian mansion and it’s English garden is explored. Outside as well as inside the craftsmanship is extraordinary, which is seen in the man's ornaments and the detailed front gate.
  • At the core of the building is a starlight, bringing light from the roof to the ground floor, which could be viewed as the heart of the building. At some points, the topography beneath the villa has altered the last century, which can be seen by analysing the distribution of doors.

People: Cook, Eat, Gather, Read, See, Sit, Watch

typology: House

Climate: Others, Light

Location: Hill, Urban

Material: Stone, Brick

Contributor: Anna Maria Essig
18 July 2023