KFCC: Machiya Palazzo , 2017

  • The Kanazawa Food Culture Center would be located 500m away from the city's biggest market, Omicho Ichiba, and it’s financed by the city of Kanazawa in the frame of its Creative City Program, in collaboration with Omicho Market and the TSUJI Culinary Institute of Osaka.
  • The Machiya Palazzo hosts a public cooking school with the “instant cooking program” — where a cook will instantly show you how to prepare the fresh food you just purchased from the market. A guesthouse cooking school, and, like in a Machiya, clustered flats for the tenants with shared kitchens and living spaces.
  • The building reinterprets some characteristics of the Machiya typology, merging traditional Japanese elements in a big contemporary Machiya-Palazzo.
  • The heart of the Machiya-Palazzo are the courtyard and its loggia, which become a vertical Toriniwa where we find the circulations and all the kitchens of the building. These spaces are all double height and all interconnected to each other in an ascending spiral and become a new place for interactions between the different users.

Location: Town, Urban

Material: Glass, Steel, Metal, Wood

Era: 2000s

Contributor: Andrea Briccola
20 December 2017