Case Study – Detached House – Gigon Guyer, 2003

  • Z├╝rich
  • The main characteristic of the detached house is the flexibility which can be found in moving walls and rooms with multiple functions, e.g. the garden room in the basement. This flexibility is also visible in the double walls, where different elements can be hidden or placed. On the outside the windows can be hidden when opened.
  • The inside double walls contain a toilet, cloakroom or the fireplace and create an openness and the possibility to place windows in every side of the building.
  • The flexibility and ability to decide of being in the city space or in the garden space is also a very defining aspect of this house.

People: Gather, Rest, Sleep

typology: House

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Urban

Material: Glass, Concrete

Contributor: Antonia Melber
18 July 2023