Case Study – Atelier House Kurtz – Théo Schmidt, 1941

  • Uerikon, Zürich
  • Atelier House Kurtz takes advantage of the views on the lake and mountains through a big terrace and big windows on the south side. These big windows stand in contrast with a few small windows on the north side.
  • The big central hall connects the different parts of the house as well as the outside with the inside. It isn’t only a connecting room but also the entrance hall.
  • The house makes the most of the big plot and once can enjoy silence as the only thing surrounding it is nature.

People: Eat, Read, Rest, Sit, Study, Make, Work

typology: House, Nature

Climate: Light

Location: Suburb, Town, Forest

Material: Glass, Wood

Contributor: Moira Martinez-Avial
18 July 2023