Case Study – House Schulthess-Rechberg – Max Moser, 1938

  • Zollikon, Z├╝rich
  • The House adapts to the surrounding factors such as topography and nature. Big windows and a south orientation allow a large influx of natural light into the building.
  • The living room is split into different levels, which naturally divides the space into different zones.
  • From outside coal supplies are used to create a bubble of thermal comfort. Exterior systems, like water drainage, make the building durable and protect against the weather and external conditions.

People: Cook, Eat, Gather, Read, Rest, See, Sleep, Study, Watch, Work

typology: House, Landscape, Nature, Garden

Climate: Light

Location: Suburb, Town, Urban, Hill

Material: Concrete, Wood

Contributor: Jan Aebi
18 July 2023