Better Together

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Zürich
  • Inspired by Max Bills’ Atelierhouse from 1933, this living complex implements the several options of how to shape and divide space, resulting in an exact answer to the tenants needs and creating an open but transformative and flexible living space.
  • The three different apartment types, which are implemented in three houses, work for several living situations: Singles or couples, families or living groups, while also addressing people with low-level mental illnesses or disabilities, who can profit much from the shared activities and the communal character.
  • Together with the open wooden construction, these concepts create an accessible, natural, inclusive and inspirational space, where all the inhabitants get to profit from the vast amount of possibilities for shared activities and with that build strong, sustainable communities; better together!

Location: Urban, Hill

Material: Wood

Contributor: Kornelia Fehnle
21 June 2022