All 4 One Houses

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Zürich
  • This project conceptually combines four apartment buildings with each other and connects them through a communal living space for young and old. "All 4 One Houses" is a generational living project.
  • In this building, the kitchen is always a central complex, forming the threshold between public and private space. The living room is accessible to all residents, but is divided into four living sections with specially designed niches and light partitions. The entire house is designed for two target groups, young families and elderly people.
  • The building is to consist of a steel-brick construction, which is intended to create an industrial ambience. The idea is to remind of the history ,origin and of the prosperity of the Zürichberg.

People: Cook, Eat, Gather

typology: Apartment, Collective Housing, Others

Climate: Light

Location: Urban, Hill

Material: Steel, Brick

Contributor: Constantin Dirler
21 June 2022