Women’s House

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Zürich
  • This women’s house for young women and their children in the calm neighbourhood near Rigiblick station creates a safe home to live daily life and support each other throughout the community.
  • Rather small apartments are compensated by spacious communal spaces. Reacting to the different needs of the inhabitants, the upper living floors are organised in a succession of privacy expressed through a change in level. The shared kitchen and living room in the basement open up to a yard with folding doors offering a flexible place of gathering.
  • The women’s house and the smaller kindergarten form together an L shape opening up to the city and creating a yard in between. One staircase connects the three living floors and the basement. The aligned apartments in the upper floors share a loggia space in front of their entrances which can be transformed by opening the window facade.

Location: Hill, Urban

Material: Concrete, Wood

Contributor: Eva Tschopp
31 January 2022