The Corner House

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Z├╝rich
  • The corner house is a place for people from different generations, with the aim that families, students and elderly people can share their everyday life.
  • The family apartment is separated from the one-bedroom apartment by a sliding wall and the staircase connects the flat with the apartment community. The apartment community is divided into three floors, which are connected by an internal staircase so that they can meet in the middle to cook together.
  • The special shape of the plan is created by staggering the bedrooms on the southwest side of the property. In this way the shape of the housing complex adapts to the curve of the road. The staggering of the bedrooms has two intended consequences: In the garden, which belongs to all residents, small private and semi-private niches can be created.

People: Cook, Gather

typology: Landscape, Apartment, Collective Housing

Climate: Light

Location: Hill, Urban

Material: Concrete

Contributor: Finia Sonderegger
31 January 2022