Towering Micro Apartments

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Z├╝rich
  • The proposed housing complex is designed for expatriates living and working in Zurich. When moving to a new country, meeting new people and creating an initial social network defines the time spent far from home.
  • In contrast to the communal space, the apartments are stripped down to the essentials of daily life. The apartments are located in the tower. On every floor, there are four apartments for six people. The functionality of the apartment is ensured by the bed, which becomes the centrepiece of the flat. It provides storage space for everything.
  • While the ground floor exclusively has collective spaces, a public restaurant and terrace, the upper floors of the building are for the living spaces. Each story still has a small communal space for the 6 people living on it. The ground floor is out of rammed earth, while the upper floors consist of wood.

Location: Hill, Urban

Material: Earth, Wood

Contributor: Laurenz Peters
31 January 2022