House of Sunshine

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Z├╝rich
  • The building serves families with kids and elderly people, who have time to babysit the children during the day, while the parents are working in the city. With stacked terraces and rounded facades, the building captures as much sunlight as possible.
  • A courtyard forms the community space, which is accessible from both houses. The stacked terraces form paths circling around the building and are meant for the inhabitants to walk around the property without the danger of the street.
  • The housing complex consists of three parts, the two upper houses with the courtyard and the third corridor-like house underground, connecting the two houses.

People: Bath, Cook, Gather, Watch

typology: Apartment, Collective Housing, Hotel

Climate: Light

Location: Hill, Urban

Material: Wood, Glass

Contributor: Fabian Knellwolf
31 January 2022