Complementary Housing

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Z├╝rich
  • This apartment complex aims to bring elderly people, that live alone and independently, as well as single parents with children together under one roof. The different groups complement each other: While the elderly can look after the children and the younger parents provide the elderly with a lively environment.
  • The common areas are located on the ground floor. There is an elongated room that goes along the three eastern blocks that are connected via steps and ramps. In this common area, there are spaces to study, do arts, chat or eat as well as a large space for the children to play.
  • The complex consists of 4 blocks that are at staggered levels that follow the form of the slope of the terrain. Each of these blocks has its own staircase leading to the apartment but they are still linked to each other on the ground floor.

Material: Wood

Contributor: Iris Keller
31 January 2022