House Versant

  • Germaniastrasse, 8006 Z├╝rich
  • The intention of this project is to create low-income housing by maximising the shared space and minimising the private space. Private space will consist of only the essentials. The idea is to create a feeling of neighbourhood togetherness, which will be created on the one hand by the shared spaces in the interior, but also by the large courtyard.
  • The courtyard, which can be used for a variety of activities, with its tribune-like stone staircase, connects the two houses and forms a protected space for all residents. The balconies overlook this communal space. that can be easily viewed from the balconies.
  • The discourse about sustainability is taken up in the architecture by the material the communal living forms and shared rooms for services and infrastructure.

Location: Hill, Urban

Material: Wood

Contributor: Valentina Howald
19 January 2022