arched geranium entrance , 1325

  • SchlĂĽsselgasse 8, 8001 Zurich
  • Veltliner Keller was established in 1325 as a wine cellar and as a restaurant in 1551.
  • The main entrance of this building is arched and contains a curved staircase, that leads to the main door of the restaurant. The entrance niche protects the visitors from the weather and its balustrade is decorated with red geranium.
  • The entrance platform becomes that place, where the guests are being welcomed and where people meet and say goodbye to each other.

People: Gather, Listen, See, Stand, Talk, Watch

typology: Open Space, Restaurant

Climate: Heat, Light, Wind

Location: Urban

Material: Others, Concrete

Era: 1300s

Contributor: GĂ©raldine Maag
24 November 2017