historic window showcase , 1231

  • Zähringerplatz 6, 8001 Zurich
  • The reading room of the music department has been located in the choir of the church ‚Predigerkirche’ since 1996. The legacy of this church runs far back to 1231, when Dominicans began to build it up and then continued to extend it by a Gothic choir in 1330.
  • The reading room offers a bright and light atmosphere due to the high-reaching Gothic church windows that have been preserved.
  • Inside, there is a second layer of float-glass windows, that follows the constructive logic of the historic windows on the outside.

People: Listen, Read, See, Sit, Study

typology: Others

Climate: Light, Heat

Location: Urban

Material: Concrete, Glass, Others

Era: 1200s

Contributor: Géraldine Maag
24 November 2017