The City and the Ships

  • Interlaken, Bern, Switzerland
  • The creation of a shipyard-pier in Interlaken Ost that offers the whole shipping experience with backstage views, an exposition about shipping and public functions like a waiting hall, café and restrooms.
  • The intervention consists of two buildings. One is a shed that houses the „rawer“ elements like fuel tanks and pumps for the dry-dock and the other is a larger building where the public functions, exposition and maintenance are situated. The Idea is to offer selected backstage views to tourists, without disturbing the backstage activities.
  • The two buildings consist of a traditional wood structure covered by shed roofs. The use program changes over the year. In summer, the ships are running on the lakes and the dry-dock is empty, in winter, they are refurbished in the yard.

People: See, Watch, Work

typology: Infrastructure, Museum, Station

Location: Waterfront, Town, Valley

Material: Wood

Contributor: Nahuel Barroso
12 July 2021