New Togetherness – Flexible Co-Living and a Neighborhood Meeting Point

  • Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland
  • A conversion of an existing chalet in such a way that the garage becomes a key point for the neighbourhood with a meeting place while the upper floors offer flexible living in smaller clusters, as well as community spaces.
  • The former garage with its large opening to the street, which can be opened completely, is the only space in the building that is completely public and becomes a neighbourhood meeting place for the whole neighbourhood. During the day and evening, people can spontaneously drop by and share a moment with neighbours.
  • The existing consists of a hybrid structure that is maintained through the intervention. The private sleeping units are organized around the public rooms. Windows behaviorology is implemented in order to best suit various activities throughout the house. The common spaces are connected by a staircase which is shaped as a shelf.

Contributor: Marlene Metzler
09 July 2021