Woodcarving Workshop – A Window to the Hinterland

  • Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland
  • Transformation of the old UBS bank by a combination of a workshop and a cafe.
  • The present extension of the chalet towards the backside is replaced by a new wooden structure out of spruce wood. The construction follows a clear joining method which is applied steadily from the back facade to the front facade. It creates a union of the traditional with the modern, in an intervention that is both functional and symbolic.
  • The workshop opens up to the outside with two big folding doors to create a smooth transition supporting the working process. Inside, in an over height room the wood carving is happening. The shop space is connected to the workshop by a traditional crafted wooden staircase. It is opened up to the Hinterland by unveiling the bearing steel structure.

People: Eat, See, Watch, Make, Work

typology: Shop, Workshop

Location: Valley, Village, Mountain

Material: Wood, Stone

Contributor: Zoe Struzina
08 July 2021